Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Top Ten

Being a mom is one of the greatest privileges on earth. I have the opportunity, day by day, to influence, love, care for, discipline, train, and lead 4 very special little lives. I get one shot at it. There are no "do overs." This is a thought that spurs me on to make the most of my days, and to create special moments with my children.
One of my main goals, as their mom, is to help my kids see that each one of them is specially designed and created by God for a special purpose on this earth. But that purpose isn't just for "someday." They were created also for the NOW. They have the chance to affect their spheres of influence TODAY. My job: President of the Fan Club. Everybody needs cheerleaders in life, and I get to be the best one for my kids.
This Mother's Day, I decided I wanted to show them just how very blessed I feel that I get to be their mom, so I created "10 Reasons I Love Being your Mama." When they celebrate me on Sunday, I'll get to celebrate them right back!!